Monday, October 29, 2007

Daily Dose of Joy?

Did You Find Some Joy Today?
Every day. EVERY day. Do you find JOY somewhere in your life every day?I can recall days....weeks.....months.....where it seems like the "unfair" or "unkind" elements of life just keep washing over us like the never ending waves of the powerful ocean......and we need to take care not to get caught in the undertow of the the negative forces pulling us down. Why is it we can so easily recall the dark times of our lives and have difficulty recalling the constant reminders of joy in our lives?When I am asked about my journey with breast cancer.....I have to stop and ponder. It is so very easy to recall the multiple surgeries, the testing, the treatments......and on and on. What I have to remind myself however is of the joyful times during that same time and space. Was it bad? Of course it was bad. Was it also good? Of course it was also good!! The good times of cancer involves cherishing the friendships - old and new - of those who helped us endlessly. The good times of cancer involves smiling with every trip to the mailbox that resulted in a get-well-soon card that brightened my day. The good times of cancer involved the patience and care of the doctors and nurses who tended to my needs. The good times of cancer involved the neverending support of family and friends who walked in walks, worked events, and did everything they could to help raise money for a cure. Yes, there are good times ....even in cancer.

The biggest thing that cancer taught me was to look for joy EVERY day. EVERY day I look and find joy somewhere. Are some days harder than others? Of course they are......yet every day I strive to find something. Sometimes the joy is simply from having gotten through the day and looking forward to the dawn of a new day. Sometimes the joy is simply from witnessing the joy of someone makes me smile. Sometimes the joy is from sharing a giggle with a friend. Sometimes the joy is from sitting quietly, alone, drinking in the beauty of our world around us. It doesn't have to be monumental. It doesn't have to be significant. It only needs to be real.
My wish for you is to open your eyes to the real joys that surround us daily. Open your heart to the song of joy that whistles gently through the green leaves of the trees. Open your sense of smell to the soft fragrances of blooming flowers. Open your enjoyment of the sense of touch to the joy of holding the hand of a child.

True joy does exist in our world......every day. We can see it and feel it if we look for it. When you find it, share it with others. Perhaps this will spread the message of beauty,
What joy did you find in your world today?

Glenna Sanford
VP, Choose Joy Incorporated